quick scan through lobsters's source code

let’s dive deep quickly into the source to see what’s going on there.

a few links one could find helpful:

here is some interesting bits that I found (to the best of my understanding)

thanks to pushcx, jcs and all the current and past contributors for the amazing work BTW, and to everyone in the lobsters community, quite an amazing prowess.

what I was actually looking for

having a web application that is 5+ years ago, still active and which source code I can almost read in ~2 hours is quite an amazing feat in itself.

(where is my “deploy to heroku (and pay $Xk/month)” button :D)

(never thought of having a comma in my directory names)

(one could think I would contribute, I may actually, but I kind of don’t want to deal with mariadb/mysql (or docker/remote server with ansible))

source of this poge on github

lobsters comments

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